Meals and Food Service

Our kitchen is a fusion of different kind of salvadorean food

During your stay at K59SURFHOUSE, you will enjoy delicious, traditional home-cooked El Salvadorian cuisine as part of your package. Our kitchen features a fusion of El Salvadorian and traditional Central American cuisine. Our chef specializes in the classic seafood dishes that have become the cornerstone of the culture of La Libertad, as well as the traditional beef and chicken dishes found in and around the local countryside.

While staying at K59SURFHOUSE, you will enjoy Pupusas, thick, hand-made corn tortillas filled with pork or chicken, beans, and cheeses. Corn tamales are also served during many meals. Fresh salads, mangos, and fresh-squeezed fruit juices are also part of our daily menu, and vegetarians can request meat-free meals made fresh daily. Beer and soda and fresh drinking water are available at a reasonable cost.

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Fried beans
Corn tamales